The intersection of individual personality and social context


Using personality theory to...

·  Excavate personal identity      · Understand social context      · Build relationships

PurposePoints is a consulting and coaching practice utilizing personality theory to assist clients in identity exploration and relationship development. Serving clients in self-discovery and problem-solving.

"The most gratifying work is encouraging people to live life true to their unique identity, in spite of the opposing pressures and expectations of society."

Identity, Life Purpose & Relationship Coaching

Who am I? What is intrinsically me? What am I about? What should I do?

Who are you? Who are we together?


PurposePoints offers services for individuals, groups/teams, and organizations

About Stephanie

I am a confident professional with excellent communication skills. I facilitate, coach, and mentor. I have the ability to identify potential in individuals and groups, and then implement a vision to achieve that potential.   I have a special talent for revealing purpose.